Multi-cam capture

The 360 capture of a subject using multiple sensors and/or external cameras. 

Pre-alpha status: refers to the internal use of multi-camera capture while we develop and improve upon the feature and make it ready for public use. 

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  • Aug 17 2018
  • In Development
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    26 Jan, 2019 10:49pm

    Found this post Jaunt and that caused me to re-look at DepthKit and put my vote in for this feature.

    From the setup pictures it looks like Jaunt is just using multiple RealSense cameras. This is great, but I don't want to buy the hardware setup they're selling I just want to buy the software.


    Is this what DepthKit is looking to be able to replicate with multiple cameras?




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    27 Nov, 2018 01:39am

    I need just two sensors and cameras, generating two sets of 2d+z images with Top Bottom layout, Rendered & Merged into two separate quads. The 360 point cloud capture is Microsoft's holo-potation experiment and intel's Olympic dream, too much resources needed, I don't think it's a playground for depthkit.